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Who We Are

South Hook Gas is a liquefied natural gas (LNG) importer. Together with our partners, we have the ability to supply around 20% of the UK’s natural gas demand. Since commencing operations in 2009 we have received more than 600 LNG cargoes into the UK, serving the nation’s natural gas needs by acquiring gas supplies from outside Europe.

As owners and managers of the regasification capacity at the South Hook LNG Terminal in West Wales, we work from our office in London to improve the UK’s energy security and diversity of supply. We do this by importing LNG and supplying gas into the UK gas transmission system. We received our first commercial LNG cargo in 2009 and since then have supplied the UK with gas every day, delivering more gas than any other LNG company.


Declining UK Continental Shelf gas reserves over the last decade have led the UK to shift from being a net exporter to a net importer of gas. As UK natural gas production continues to decrease, it raises the need for the UK to gain more diverse and secure supplies of energy. At South Hook Gas, we believe that natural gas will be one of the most important and versatile fuels of the future because of its scalability, flexibility and efficiency as well as clean-burning properties. LNG plays a critical role in the UK’s energy mix by improving energy security and competition as a result of access to global supplies. It simply the method of transportation of natural gas  that connects geographically separated gas suppliers to gas customers.



Our Approach to Tax

South Hook Gas Tax Strategy 2021


Our Modern Slavery Statement 

Modern Slavery Statement


Our Shareholders

Established in 2004, South Hook Gas is a joint venture between affiliates of QatarEnergy (70%) and ExxonMobil QatarEnergy LNG (II) Trading Company Limited (30%). We are part of the QatarEnergy LNG 2 value chain, the world’s first fully integrated LNG venture which includes two world class LNG trains, each with a production capacity of 7.8 million tonnes of LNG per annum. This equates to around 20% of Qatar’s LNG portfolio. At the receiving end of this chain, South Hook Gas maximizes the use of the regasification capacity at the South Hook LNG Terminal by importing LNG from Qatar or by marketing spare capacity at the Terminal to enable other companies to supply gas into the UK market.

Commitment to the UK gas market is demonstrated by the £1billion investment by subsidiaries of QatarEnergy, ExxonMobil and Total in the South Hook LNG Terminal. South Hook Gas, whose Shareholders are subsidiaries of QatarEnergy and ExxonMobil, has acquired the primary capacity rights at the Terminal.




    QatarEnergy is the majority Shareholder in South Hook Gas with a 70% stake



    QatarEnergy is Qatar's national oil company and was established in 1974 to develop and manage the country's oil and gas resources


    QatarEnergy's principal activities include the exploration, production, local and international sale of crude oil, natural gas and gas liquids, LNG, refined products, synthetic fuels, petrochemicals, fuel additives, fertilizers, steel and aluminium.



    ExxonMobil QatarEnergy LNG (II) Trading Company Limited is a 30% shareholder in South Hook Gas



    ExxonMobil and its affiliates operate facilities or market products in nearly all the world's countries and explore for oil and gas on six continents


    The company is best known in the UK for its Esso and Mobil brands.

Our Team

Our team consists of passionate and experienced professionals, with a solid background in the energy industry. The leadership team is as follows:

Simon Hadlington

General Manager

Andrew Sealey

Commercial Operations Manager

Falong Yan

Controls Manager

Ramsis Ganadi

Business Services Manager

Alex Dailey

Finance Manager

Richard Sinclair

General Counsel

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